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Gracie Barra Hannibal is one of over 300 GB schools all around the world striving to spread Master Carlos Gracie Jr.’s philosophy of “Jiu Jitsu for everyone”.  At our school you can learn the martial art of Brazilian jiu jitsu in a clean, safe, and fun environment with hands on instruction from well trained and certified instructors.   You will learn techniques straight from the curriculum developed by Master Carlos Gracie Jr. abiding by his teaching philosophies and methods.  Gracie Barra is one of the largest and most prestigious jiu jitsu families in the world.

 Here in Hannibal we are bringing this art straight to the Midwest giving you an awesome opportunity to learn the most applicable art in self-defense.   We offer classes for all ages, skill levels, and both men and women.  Our classes teach so much more than just the basic techniques as we instill discipline and self-esteem in our students.  Whether you are looking for fitness, self-defense, competition, or just some fun contact us today to schedule your free intro class!

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